Brent Landels is a media guru from Vancouver, BC. He has taken every kid’s natural ability to find the exact centre of attention and built it into a professional set of skills. While working on his Media, Information and Technoculture degree from the University of Western Ontario, Brent dove into the campus media producing several seasons of television and radio programming.

He built on this foundation with a music and promotions company, adding music industry and web development experience to his repertoire. He then moved on to a conference event and “business to business facilitation” company, simply because being in the center of one company wasn’t enough; he had to be in the center of all of them. His next goal is to perfect shouting from the rooftops, fiddling on the roof and dancing like no one’s watching as methods of communication.

When Brent is not at work, he is always at play. Mountains and oceans are simply challenges to take on with a board. He spends whatever other free time he has left sketching out his plans for world domination. While none of these plans have worked out yet, you’ll know when they do.