Communicating effectively is more than just being the loudest guy in the room. A lot can be said by simply being the flashiest. That is the lesson I try to keep in mind whenever I manage a marketing campaign. And when I dress for a night on the town.

This page showcases some of the projects I’ve managed from concept to completion.

Banff 2010 Mobile Web Application

When on the ground as a delegate at a conference event the size of The Banff World Media Festival, you need to have all the information and tools at your fingertips to make the most of the whirlwind that is one of these events. The goal for the Banff Mobile Web App was to let delegates spend less time worrying about where, when, who and how, and spend more time being in the sessions they need, at the time they should be, to meet their next business deal, with the knowledge to make that deal work.

With that goal in mind, it was my job to bring our most valuable online communications tools into the mobile space, to allow delegates to access the information they needed at any time. We settled on event news and announcements, a complete, searchable delegate list, delegate profiles, email communication, and the event schedule. It was my job to architect out the application, wireframe the design and user interface, and deliver on time.

Working with the geniuses at Adenyo, a mobile marketing solutions company that kicks butt in any language – HTML, PHP, MySQL, English, French, whichever – we turned around an amazing site in record time.

See below for some of the screen shots from the Banff 2010 Mobile Web Application (MWA for short. As in “MWA Ha Ha!”)

Banff 2010 Mobile Site News and Announcements Banff 2010 Mobile Event Schedule
Banff 2010 Mobile Delegate List Banff 2010 Mobile Delegate Profile

New Music Newsletter

The Nectar Music Newsletter is a weekly email communication to members of the UK’s largest loyalty rewards program. It contains information on a featured artist, new and top music and a link to a free song download from one of the four top music labels in the world. Most importantly, it is colourful and makes people feel special for getting it in their mail boxes.

Now for some of the hard facts. The newsletter boosted site traffic as much as 500% during a contest and increased sales by 69% for featured artists.

See some of the full issues here.

Web Microsites

Many clients want custom solutions to their needs, whether they’re for small campaigns, targeted communications, or even single meetings. Microsites can be one of the most effective methods to accomplish these small-scale goals. View below for examples of my microsite portfolio.

FRUKT Campaign

This microsite was for one of our music partners. They wanted a unique site they could use as a preliminary to a high profile meeting they were planning. They wanted to show their clients some of their capabilities, their media savvy, their personality and generally offer something unique.

FRUKT Meeting FRUKT Track Page

Minto King West Campaign

Minto King West, a downtown Toronto real estate agency commissioned this microsite project. They were interested in mining for lifestyle information from their target demographic. In order to incentivize users to fill out an online survey, they were rewarded with a free song download.

Minto Campaign Landing Page Minto Campaign Track Page