Create a Custom Theme for the New Facebook Timeline

Facebook has updated its profile page. The biggest changes that you’re going to notice will be the new Timeline layout, and the Cover Art at the top of your profile page.

NOTE: At the time of writing, the new profile hasn’t been released to the public yet. If you’re interested in activating it, you can follow these steps to take a look at the new features early: Activate Facebook’s New Timeline.

The Timeline lays out all of your Facebook activity in an easy-to-digest format that stretches back to when you first sold your soul to Mark Zuckerberg and made all of your most private information public fare for prying eyes. It’s actually a pretty intelligent move. It’s an excellent way of scanning through your social media life.

Your profile Cover Art is a large banner image that spans the entire width of your profile at the top of your profile page. By default, the cover art collapses into a thin image strip, but your profile visitors can click to expand the full image.

Now for the important stuff, how do you abuse the new profile format to make something awesome?

With every new Profile format that Facebook rolls out, they open up new opportunities to get creative. And to that end, I submit my humble contribution: “Your Daily Commute is Doom’ed“.

I blended my Profile photo and the new Cover art into an homage to the classic first person shooter, Doom. For those really interested, this is a combination of a few different Doom screenshots with a photo of the Eglinton Subway station in Toronto, Ontario.

Create Your Own Custom Facebook Timeline Theme

If you want to create something similar for yourself, there are a couple things to keep in mind.

  1. Make your Profile picture and Cover Art work in unison. Your concept should combine these two spaces effectively.
  2. The Nuts and Bolts: How to make your images work in sync. I created this image by taking a screenshot of my Facebook profile and then constructing this image over top in Photoshop. I had added a stand-in Cover photo to know the dimensions I was working in. This helped me to ensure that the final product would be perfectly aligned when I uploaded it to Facebook. If you want to build a piece of custom Cover art from scratch, here are the dimensions of my final product: 930px x 345px.

Good luck on creating your own kick-ass piece of FaceArt.