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There are a number of job boards out there that cater to our humble media industry here in the great white North. Some feature jobs in specific fields, and others to the industry in general. Whatever your particular interests are, you’re likely to find something that will help you get a jump start on your next career below.

Good luck on the job hunt.

General Job Boards

Media Job Search Canada

Anyone looking for a media job in Canada needs to know about this job board. Media Job Search Canada is exactly what its name implies. It is a frequently updated media job resource that represents a lot of the major media companies in Canada and a variety of fields within the industry.

This is an ideal place to start when looking for a job in the media in Canada.


Job hunting has now gone social. LinkedIn is a professional social network that lets you create an online profile and share your career details and resume credentials. Companies also create profiles and can post their available positions.

The LinkedIn job board has a lot of advantages. You’re able to filter jobs based on geographic location, industry and experience. But the real benefit to LinkedIn is that it will show you what connections you have within your professional network that give you an inside connection to the company.


Eluta is an interesting job board. While letting you search for jobs specifically in the media industry is helpful, the interesting thing is that you’re able to filter for jobs based on a company’s status as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, and other province-specific employer ratings boards.

Talent Egg

The Talent Egg is another interesting one. It focuses specifically on job offers for recent grads, or those whose careers are just beginning to take off. If you’re interested in an entry-level job, this can be a great site to use.

It’s newer, and so it’s only beginning to be used regularly by some of the bigger companies you’d be interested in, but it has some other tips, articles and resources that could be helpful for you.

The Job Bank

The Job Bank is the Canadian government’s own public job board. There are a couple advantages to this. It’s fairly popular, meaning that it’s updated frequently. All companies are also screened before they’re allowed to submit, meaning that you can be confident that the jobs are legitimate.

The downside to the Job Bank is that all jobs need to be submitted using a fairly inflexible form, rather than allowing employers to explain the details of their positions as they see fit. What I’ve found is that Job Bank postings don’t reveal as much about the jobs as I’d like. Still, there are a good variety of jobs and companies represented here.

The Media Job

The Media Job is another Canadian-focused job board that represents pretty well all fields in the media industry. It isn’t updated as frequently as some other boards and it doesn’t have as advanced search or filtering as some of the other job boards, but it can still be a good resource.


You’re pretty much able to find anything on Craigslist these days, whether you’re after a couch, a pet or your next media job.

Craigslist isn’t my personal favorite. Since it’s free and only moderated by the community, a lot of scams and junk jobs get posted. As long as you’re cautious to avoid the junk, you’re still able to find a lot of good opportunities. This is particularly true for freelancers.

Lights, Cameras: Production Jobs


Mandy is a great resource for anyone wanting to work in the media production industry, including filming, audiovisual work, producing, directing, writing, acting and the like. It also has one of the more comprehensive directories of media production and development companies, making this a great resource to begin familiarizing yourself with the companies out there who are hiring.

If Only I Could Code: Technical Jobs

David Crow

David Crow is a technical guru working in Toronto. Along with blogging regularly on startups, digital media and technology, David Crow also maintains a job board that serves these communities. His job board regularly attracts posts from companies looking for a variety of web and application developers and designers.

Mesh Jobs

Mesh Jobs is a job board that is maintained by the same people that bring you the annual Mesh conference on new and social media. Their job board attracts a lot of posts from well-established companies and start-ups in digital media. They get a variety of submissions, but again, tends to focus on more technical and development positions.

Read All About It: Jobs In Journalism

Jeff Gaulin

Jeff Gaulin is a well-renowned journalist and writer in Canada. He’s transformed his independently-run job board into a national resource for journalists looking for work opportunities.


Masthead is a periodical that caters specifically to Canada’s publishing industry. Its job board features openings with major publishers and agencies in the publishing industry.

Ryerson Journalism Job Board

Ryerson’s School of journalism offers its own job board to help place its recent graduates with journalism positions. This can be a great first resource for anyone looking for their first job in the journalism industry.

Get a Little Cultured: Arts Jobs

Cultural Careers Council Ontario

The CCCO is a group dedicated to supporting the creation of Canadian culture in Ontario. Their job board focuses on the cultural arts industries, rather than production, marketing or development. This is the resource for people looking for jobs in visual art, design, dance, music, film, theatre and the like.


In case any of the job boards above aren’t offering the kinds of jobs that you’re after, you may want to consider going directly to the source. Most of the major media companies maintain their own job portals to serve the needs of their massive organizations. If you know what company you’re interested in, you should check to see if they have their own careers page.

I’ve listed a few of Canada’s largest media companies below. Hopefully, these will give you a head start.

Bell Media
Metroland Media
Sun Media